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(Revised November 7, 2017)


This organization shall be known as the Village Birders Club. It is under the auspices of

the Villages Recreation Department.


  1. Organize and make walks and special events available to view birds in the natural environment.

  2. Increase knowledge and personal enrichment in the identification of birds by sight and sound.

  3. Promote participation in events that provide information for the betterment of birds and their environment to birding, and in organizations such as the Audubon Society, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and the American Birding Association.

  4. Share and enjoy the beauty of birds and their world with members of the community.


Member eligibility shall consist of those people so designated as eligible by the Villages

Recreation Department.


  1. The Executive Board (referred to herein as EB) shall consist of nine (9) members. These members listed below, are expected to attend each EB meeting.

  2. The officers shall be elected by a majority vote at the Annual General Membership Meeting in even numbered years.

  3. The Committee Chairs shall serve on a voluntary basis and are approved by the President. If a Committee Chair cannot attend, it is his/her responsibility to ensure that his/her committee is represented. This Committee Representative shall not have a vote on the EB. The Committee Representative shall be prepared to provide a committee "status report" to the EB and in turn do a follow-up report back to the appropriate Chair.

  4. The EB shall meet in accordance with the club calendar that is in effect. The EB shall decide on the amount of the dues to collect and manage the disbursement of funds. Payment of usual expenses incurred in the normal on-going operation of the club shall not require a vote. Other purchases of over $50.00 shall require a majority vote of the EB.

  5. The EB shall oversee each committee and shall lend assistance and suggestions when appropriate. The EB shall take care of routine business and shall make changes to the by-laws as needed to ensure the success of the club's mission statement.

  6. All officers and EB members shall diligently perform the duties of their position and, by their actions, support and encourage the activities and functions of the Village Birders Club.

  7. The following are voting positions on the EB:



Vice President




Bird Walk and Special Events


Program and Education

Web Site

Chat Group Leader




1. President:

a. Conducts membership meetings;

b. Arranges for (including location) and conducts EB meetings;

c. Receives and responds or arranges for the response to telephone calls, emails, letters, etc. concerning the club and birding in general;

d. Coordinates the club's participation in projects such as the Christmas Bird Count, Backyard Bird Count and the Outdoor Expo;

e. Recruits volunteers for: officers, Committee Chairs, committee members, and for special tasks;

f. Sends e-mail notices and reminders as appropriate to membership;

g. Leads the club in obtaining the goals of the club's mission statement;

h. Resolves problems.

2. Vice-President

a. Acts as President in every capacity if the President is not able to serve;

b. Under the direction of the President, is responsible for the club's participation in the Outdoor Expo, including setting up the booth and displays, preparation of handouts, coverage of booth and assists with any other club's participation in the Outdoor Expo booth;

c. Assists President in other duties as needed;

d. Acts as back-up Secretary when needed;

e. Prepares and delivers for publication all notices to The Daily Sun and other appropriate news sources;

f. Maintains and stores the club banner.

3. Secretary:

a. Takes minutes of all EB meetings (minutes of first fall meeting shall include a current list of all Officers and Committee Chair’s e-mail addresses and telephone numbers);

b. Takes minutes of the Annual General Membership Meeting and other special meetings that are called by the President;

c. Distributes EB minutes, after approval of minutes by the President, to all of the EB and to any attending Committee Representatives of the same meeting;

d. Makes photocopies of club related materials as requested;

e. Stores records of club minutes (including minutes of the EB and General Membership Meetings) for five years.

4. Treasurer:

a. Maintains and stores financial records of the club;

b. Maintains the club’s checking account;

c. Receives and deposits all monies received by the club;

d. Pays all club bills;

e. Provides a monthly report of receipts, expenditures and debts to the EB;

f. Maintains and manages the "bird house" and the honorarium for speakers.



1. Bird Walk and Special Events Committee

a. Responsible for developing Bird Walks and Special Events calendar for approval to the EB;

b. Responsible for obtaining a leader for each approved Bird Walk and Special Event;

c. Responsible for how and to whom payment for Special Events is collected and paid when a cost is involved;

d. The appointed Bird Walk leader shall prepare a list of birds seen/heard and shall post the list to the chat group;

e. Obtains any necessary permits required for conducting Bird Walks or Special Events;

f. Responsible for preparation of directions (or maps) to birding sites for distribution the day of the activity;

g. Prepares calendar of events;


2. Membership Committee

a. Maintains new member application packets;

b. Keeps on file all completed membership forms;

c. Enters and maintains new and renewal member names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses in a computer data base;

d. Forwards dues received to Club Treasurer;

e. Maintains mail address list;

f. Provides President with each member’s current e-mail address;

g. Maintains Village’s required “ Waivers from all Walk and Special Events Attendees” form.


3. Program and Education Committee

a. Arranges for a speaker, seminar or educational program or workshop for each general membership meeting;

b. Contacts the facility’s Room Technician, one (1) week in advance, with any changes to the floor plan, equipment and/or supplies needed;

c. Insures that any special needs are met for each meeting when necessary;

d. Must submit form to Recreational Facility for approval of a speaker not a Resident of The Villages.

4. Web Site Committee and Chat group

a. Coordinates with the club President in the creation and maintenance of the club web site:;

b. Ensures that the annual fee for the web site is paid each year in the month of January;

c. Makes available on the web site a list of birds seen each Bird Walk and Special Event;

d. Updates "Birds Seen" list;

e. Posts current calendar of walks and events;

f. Enhances web site as needed.


5. Archivist:

a. Maintains an historical record and archives of the club's activities and has available for membership meetings;

b. Updates list of birds seen in the Villages;


1. General Membership Meetings shall be held from October through April as deemed beneficial by the EB.

2. One General Membership Meeting each year shall be designated The Annual General Membership Meeting. The club President shall call the meeting to order and provide a Treasurer's report. Each officer will be introduced. Each committee Chair will give a committee report. Business shall be conducted at this time as deemed necessary by the EB. Minutes of the meeting shall be recorded and retained in the club archives.




1. The officer positions are filled by majority vote at the Annual General Membership Meeting designated as election of officers.

2. The committee chair positions shall be on a volunteer basis upon approval of the President.

3. If a person holding one of the voting positions on the EB resigns, the President shall appoint a replacement.

4. If the President no longer wishes to serve or is unable to serve, members will be notified of a special election to be held at the next general meeting. The EB will be responsible for the nomination process and officiating over the election.




The EB shall have the power to change these policies and procedures by a majority vote. A motion for a change shall be made and pended until the following meeting




1. The positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be filled by vote of the members in good standing. Each position will be for a term of two (2) years.

2. The election shall take place during the Annual General Membership Meeting in March. In the event that there is no annual meeting in March of the election year, the election shall be held during the next general meeting subsequent to March first of that year.

3. Three (3) months prior to the election, the EB shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of three (3) members in good standing, provided however, no serving officer may be appointed to said nominating committee.

4. The nominating committee shall prepare a slate of candidates to fill the desired positions, which slate shall be then read to those members attending the regular meeting one (1) month prior to the March meeting.

5. Notice of the election to be held at the March meeting and the slate of candidates shall be published on the chat group and posted on the organization’s web site at least one (1) month but no more than two (2) months prior to the election.

6. At the March meeting, the secretary shall read the slate of candidates and request nominations from the floor. In the event that no nominations are made from the floor, a motion shall be made for the Secretary to cast a unanimous ballot to elect the slate of candidates. In the event there are one or more nominations made from the floor, the Secretary shall request a vote by show of hands to resolve any contested position.

7. The terms of Officers elected at the Annual General Membership Meeting shall commence following the last meeting or event on the Spring calendar of walks and events.

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