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Birding Locations in The Villages

Here are some of the most popular places to go birdwatching within The Villages. 

North (North of CR 466):


  • Golf View Lake (behind Paradise Recreation Center 1409 Paradise Drive)

  • Swartz Park (903 Aloha Way)

  • Boone Park (839 Silver Oak Avenue)

  • Paradise Lake (Paradise Drive next to the cart bridge)

  • Silver Lake (Dustin Drive by Silver Lake Recreation Center)

  • Lake Mira Mar (1200 Avenida Central)

  • Lake Chula Vista (Avenida Central at Bernardo Boulevard)

  • Laguna Madre (Morse Boulevard behind Freedom Pointe)

  • Hacienda Hills Country Club (1200 North Morse Boulevard)

  • Lago Santiago (Enrique Drive at El Santiago Recreation Center)

  • Alhambra Pond (Botello Avenue off El Camino Real)

  • Lopez Pond (Legacy Lane across from Briarwood Postal Station)

  • Souillere Villas (16705 SE 74th Soulliere Avenue)

  • Matthews Wildlife Preserve (Morse Boulevard south of San Marino Drive)

  • Hope Lutheran Church (250 Avenida Los Angelos)


North Central (between CR 466 and CR 466A)


  • Live Oaks Park (760 Mission Hills Trail)

  • Sunset Park (Morse Boulevard bridge, on Multimodal Path)

  • Wilkerson Park (Old Camp Road, across from Sonny’s in Sumter Landing)

  • Bonnybrook Pond (685 Belvedere Boulevard)

  • Lynnhaven Pool (2500 block of Churchill Downs, at Lynnhaven pool)

  • Morven Ponds (Morven Parkway off Belvedere)

  • Ashland Pond (735 Lynnhaven Lane, next to Ashland Neighborhood Pool)

  • Black Lake Walking Path (Lake Miona Recreation Center, 1526 Buena Vista Boulevard)

  • Sunset Pointe (1261 Sunset Pointe Boulevard, at Pelican Golf Course)

  • Bacall Recreation Center (2041 Canal Street)

  • Bonita Pond (2541 Canal Street): waterbirds

  • Ardson Pond (2500 block of Ardson Avenue, off Odell Circle)

  • Duval Neighborhood Pool (2606 Odell Circle)

  • Seabreeze Recreation Center (2384 Buena Vista Boulevard)


South Central (between CR 466A and SR 44)


  • Sharon Rose Wiechens Preserve (3514 Moyer Loop)

  • Pinellas Plaza Pond (off Pinellas Place, behind Subway)

  • Evans Prairie peninsula (between 2017 and 2025 Evans Prairie Trail)

  • Charlotte Neighborhood Pool (2375 Charlotte Court)

  • Gilchrist Pool (1520 Pinellas Place)

  • Ridgewood Path (between 3328 and 3322 Ridgewood Path)

  • Ichabod Way (between 3334 and 3326 Ichabod Way)

  • Collier Pool (Hendry Drive, north of McLin Lane)

  • Cosmos/Infinity Loop (Cosmos Way at Infinity Run; enter between 3864 and 3865 Infinity Run)

  • Druid Street Overlook (1900 block of Druid Street)

  • Lake Deaton Pool (3571 Warnock Road)

  • Eisenhower Recreation Center (3560 Buena Vista Boulevard)

  • Brownwood Ponds Overlook (behind Citizens Bank in Brownwood)

  • Soaring Eagle Softball Fields (4309 Morse Boulevard)


South (south of SR 44)


  • Chitty Chatty Preserve (4911 Chitty Chatty Run)

  • Bradford Postal (5371 Dray Drive)

  • St. Catherine Walking Path (5786 St. Catherine Circle)

  • Hawkins Nature Trail (5600 block of Hawkins Drive)

  • Aviary Recreation Center (5748 Morse Boulevard)

  • Homestead Nature Trail (6241 Meggison Road)

  • Mincey Loop (490 Gilson Loop)

  • Richmond Trail (2956 Tharp Avenue)

  • Lake Okahumpka Recreation Center (4505 Okahumpka Run)

  • Water Lily Walking Path (4710 Marsh Bend Trail)

  • DeLuna Walking Path (behind the pool at 4240 Marsh Bend Trail)

  • Hogeye Preserve Pathway (at Cattail Recreation Center, 5219 Marsh Bend Trail)

  • Fenney Nature Trail (3220 Fenney Way)

  • Sugar Cane Postal Station (2636 Fenney Way)

  • Riverbend Walking Trail (1833 Corbin Trail)

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