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Club News

We have had the last monthly meeting of this season.

The next monthly meeting will be October 19, 2024.

All monthly meetings will be at the

Lake Okahumpka Recreation Center, 4505 Okahumpka Run.

Join us! Here's the Membership Form.


June Birding Challenge

The June Birding Challenge is a count of the number of SPECIES of birds seen within the constantly changing borders of The Villages by an individual birder during the month of June. In other words, YOU, (by yourself - no teams unless you count birds separately) only need to see one Northern Mockingbird or one Canada Goose, etc, for your list. It is not necessary to note where in The Villages you saw the bird. You do not need to be a member of Village Birders or Brownwood Birders to participate. You do not have to “sign up” for the June Challenge. You just need to love birds and the idea of the June Challenge.

Here are the Rules.

You might find the Village Birders checklist handy to help you keep track.

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